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JBDesign Clients & Testimonials


Our Team Members collaborate in national and international projects. We offer multimedia products as well as professional assistance and tutoring services finalized to the production of graphics, illustrations, 3d assets, architectural projects, web design, video and interactive applications.


Lionbridge Technologies Inc.

Youtube Partner

TurboSquid Partner

Fusolab 2.0

Upter - Università Popolare di Roma

PCAcademy S.r.l.


XAM S.r.l.

C. e GC. Pediconi R. Magagnini Architetti Ass.

Descor S.r.l.

Arkomedia S.r.l.

G.D. Grafidata S.r.l.

Studio Tech Com S.r.l.

Interprogetti S.r.l.

Studio 3A

Yute Arch

Ase Engineering Consulting S.r.l.

ARCA Engineering S.r.l.

Castello di Celsa

Archimede Informatica

Studio Alessandro Pensini


Quickgadget S.A.S.

Phantastudio Due S.A.S.

Minerva s.r.l.s.

Vega Ingegneria S.r.l.