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Wordpress Content Management System


Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG editor and code editor for Windows and Macintosh. You can use it to write HTML, CSS, JSP, XML, PHP, JavaScript, and more. It can read WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal templates and it includes a grid system to do grid-based responsive layouts for three different device sizes at once.


With the amazing leaps in Web design over the past couple of years, sites can fall out of style quickly. How do you keep up with the technology, and how do you keep your websites looking fresh and interesting? Adobe’s Dreamweaver CC provides tools that can help you do both, but some people may feel that it distances design from code more than previous versions did.



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1 - Introduction

Create a Blog

Content Management System and





2 - Installing on Local Server


Downloading The Package

Installing �Xamp, Wamp o Mamp

Starting Up The Local Server

Creating a Database for Wordpress

Initial Settings

Installing Wordpress on Your PC





3 - Choosing a Theme


Wordpress Interface

Site View and Dashboard

Searching The Right Theme

Selecting and Changing Themes

Personalize a Theme

Advanced Editing





4 - Pages and Contents


Creating Pages

Simple Page with Text

Contacts Page

Pages with Images

Gallery Page

Pages with Video

Inserting Google Maps




5 - Menu and Widgets

Create a Navigation Menu

Editing a Menu

Internal and External Links

Positioning Menus

Placing Widgets

Secondary Menu




6 - Articles

Writing an Article

Advanced Text Editor

Categories and Tags

Press This

Comments and Community

Social Networks




7 - Website Settings


Users, Roles, Access

Generic Settings

Reading and Writing Options

Settings Overview

Mobile Settings

Sharing Options

Search Engine Indexing




8 - Import Export


Importing Data from other Blogs

Exporting Content from your Blog

Importing Data in Blog

Managing Users





9 - Wordpress in Dreamweaver


Local Server (Wamp, Xamp, Mamp)

Setting Up Dreamweaver with Wordpress

Local Testing Server Locale “localhost”

Dynamic Website and �“Live View”

Accessing Wordpress Dynamic Files





10 - Customizing Wordpress with Dreamweaver


Inspect Mode

Creating a New Theme for Wordpress

Editing Styles with CSS Designer

wordpress dreamweaver css designer

Live Code

Editing CSS Structure




Clicca Qui per i Tutorial in Italiano