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Moore was a teacher during much of his career, at the University of California at Berkeley, at Yale, and at the University of California Los Angeles. As a practicing architect much of his work was authored under the firm identification "MLTW" - Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull, Whitaker.

During Moore's tenure at Yale, he shifted the design emphasis from architectural formalism to a re-examination of the nature and function of architecture in today's world. Moore designed several buildings during this period that illustrate his dissidence with the moralistic position that much of modern architecture assumes.

Moore believed that architecture must elicit responses from all the senses, not only the visual. He felt that architecture should be based on client preference and on a symbolic reference to the site. He purposefully creates architecture that engages history, myth and creativity. Instead of using architecture to moralize an ideal, he uses it to generate an environment that stimulates the user.

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