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Directory Style

Directory Furniture

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Directory Style  

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The directoire period is often considered to be a transition between Louis XVI and French Empire furniture, and therefore has characteristics of both, with a psychology of its own, and is sometimes called Transitional furniture. Info source:

After the French Revolution a new fashion took hold in Europe. It was characterized by simpler, purer forms and geometries and by the use of such woods, as elmewood, walnut and various fruit-tree woods. Info source:




Directory Furniture


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Directoire furniture reflected the effect of the French Revolution on French furniture design, being a more restrained and simplified version of the earlier Louis XVI style using limited decoration and cheaper materials. Decoration used on directoire furniture was normally a variation on the classically inspired ornamentation of the late 18th century, notably stylised foliage such as the anthemion motif. Marquetry was abandoned in favour of more austere forms of decorative work. Geometric patterns remained in use but were less extravagant than before, often integrating a Grecian urn into the designs. The caryatid form was also used. And we note the entrance of Egyptian motifs into furniture design. Furniture of the Directoire time sometimes included carvings of sphinxes in the bronze hardware detailing. Info source:




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