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Barrisol is a patented lighting technique invented by F.Scherrer. The technique, which gives extraordinary results, is based on a particular synthetic material that has to be tighten and back lighted in order to appear as a lighting surface.

Barrisol creates a bright, harmonious and pleasant living atmosphere in private, public and commercial spaces. Transform your ceiling from a functional element into a work of art. info

For 40 years Normalu Barrisol has provided its customers with innovative interior design solutions. In this pursuit, we have always balanced our products' advanced technology with its aesthetic beauty. With a network of 1,200 partners' world wide, help with designing, pricing and installing your next Normalu Barrisol project is never far away.

Local installation knowledge and design assistance, constant innovation and listening to the needs of our customers are all keystones of the Normalu Barrisol's culture.

Normalu Barrisol is the largest manufacturer of stretch ceilings in the world. With that market leadership comes responsibility. As the market leader, Normalu Barrisol is constantly making its production processes and products more environmentally sensitive. info


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