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Plain Colours  

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plain colours design






Colours are basically a product of light. If light changes, colours change. If light turns down, colours become darker. It is always important to consider the overall effect of light diffusion and coloured surfaces reflections to have a well balanced and functional global illumination of an ambient.

Color has the single greatest impact on a design plan. Interior design color affects the perceptions and feelings we have within our household surroundings. It's more than just visual stimulation.

An interior design color scheme can be inspired by many different things. An intriguing painting can be a source of inspiration. A beautiful area rug, some favorite fabric, or even nature itself could also spark your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

A key to developing a good interior design color scheme from any source of inspiration is to pull out a single dominant color and then support it with one or two other colors from the scheme but in lesser amounts. Working to achieve the right ratios between the colors within the scheme is important. It can often make or break the look.

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