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Greece, 3rd Century BC - 2nd Century AC



First Pompeian Style

Second Pompeian Style

Third Pompeian Style

Fourth Pompeian Style








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First Pompeian  

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First Style

(3rd century - 80 BC)

"When Romans made contact with the Greeks, they observed luxury houses with marble-paneled walls. They liked the style so much they emulated it in a more cost-effective way by using paint and plaster". Info source:

Second Pompeian  

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Second Style

(80 BC - 20 or 10 BC)

"This style can be classified by the more realistic approach used. The Second Style of wall painting utilized linear perspective and the illustration of architectural elements to create a realistic setting. This technique gave the illusion of a larger room, much as mirrored walls are currently used in interior decorating". Info source:

Third Pompeian  

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Third Style

(20 or 10 BC - 60 AD)

"Third Style wall paintings are comparatively more blank and bare, with lots of open, empty space. The architectural elements (columns, etc) are still painted, but they have lost their solidity. Miniature panel pictures appear around this time. The over-all style can be well described as sort of "dreamy". Info source:

Fourth Pompeian  

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Fourth Style

(50 or 60 AD - 79 AD)

"The Fourth Style walls appear to be a conglomeration of the previous three styles. There is blank space, like the First and Third Styles, but it is punctuated with solid-looking, three-dimensional scenes, like the Second Style. The scenes are framed, like windows or photographs". Info source:









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