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Largely used in stage and museum design, these types of lights produce the so called "accent lighting", used to drive the sight of the visitor towards a certain point. Indeed, spotlights are often used to emphasize a particular object or a limited space into of an interior or an exterior architecture.

Anyone who has seen a rock and roll show, an award ceremony or a theatre production has experienced the illuminating effects of spotlights. Spotlights are light sources that send out a cone of light. It has a defined conic volume and is used to illuminate objects within this conical volume. Torches, desk lamps and theatre lights are all examples of spotlights but mostly spotlights are used in stage performances.

Seven types of spotlights categorized on the basis of their functionality include, the plano convex, ellipsoidal, Fresnel, Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR), PAR Pin, Beam Projector and Followspot spotlights. info source:

Spot light are similar to point light; but in the case of spot light we have a preferred light direction. Intensity of spot light like point lights decrease over distance and also by another factor called spot light effect. Each spot light has to angles: inner cone angle and outer cone angle. info source:

Spot lights provide a beam of light to highlight and enhance a specific area or decorative element in the landscaping. Spot lighting is also very useful to enhance ambient light levels in areas like decks or stairs for better night time vision. info source:


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