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Victorian Style

Victorian Furniture









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Early Victorian Style  

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Victorian style perfectly symbolizes 19th century Eclecticism.

So said the "The Times" in 1851 commenting on the furniture and other interior decorations displayed at the Great Exhibition in London, 1851. The furniture exhibited at the Exhibition shows early antique Victorian furniture at its most extravagant and flamboyant and somewhat cut off from reality.

No single style emerged as dominant in the homes of the early Victorians, rather furniture designers, and now manufacturers, drew on, or ransacked, a multitude of styles from earlier periods in history with Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan, Renaissance, English Rococo, and Neo Classical battling it out for prominence. The Gothic revival style was probably the most "important" in furniture history terms while the exuberant Rococo revival may have taken the honours in the popularity stakes. Info source:

Late Victorian Furniture  

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There was some renewed interest in Egyptian designs as well as an "Etruscan" and Greek phase. Especially from the 1860's a revival of the Robert Adam style occurred with many neoclassical style pieces being made and additionally there was some interest in the mid Georgian period and the work of Thomas Chippendale with many reproductions of his coming onto the market. Info source:



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